Reali Mentoring

The Reali mentoring is the meeting point of the pupil’s emotional world, the social milieu, and the educational act. The individual – the pupil – is at the center of the mentoring process. However, the social network within which the pupil exists is also of great significance.

The teacher-mentor supports and enables the developmental processes of the pupils as individuals and as a group from a standpoint of caring, listening and openness. The teacher provides a dialogic process in which the pupil and the mentor are partners. Together, they learn to extract meaning from real-life stories that the pupil presents, in the framework of open and personal conversations. The conversations focus on the needs of the students, their doubts and deliberations, their interests, and anything else they wish to share.

חניכה ריאלית במסגרת מארג בריאליIn the group process, the subjects of discussion arise from daily events and focus on the pupils and their world. The group process affords learning and self-expression, acquisition of life skills and the improvement of learning abilities. The mentor switches roles, moving from a professional who applies pre-prepared external programs for the homeroom session with the class to a significant adult who is focused on the world of the pupils both as individuals and as a group, and who provides them with an expanse for growth, development, and clarification of questions of identity within the peer group.

Mentoring creates a setting where there is a place for everyone and in which everyone is seen, not only the “extremes” of the group. It provides tools and encourages independence and the assuming of responsibility.