Our Vision & Fundamental Values

דוקטור ארתור בירם מייסד בית הספר הריאלי העברי בחיפה

The Hebrew Reali School of Haifa is an independent educational institution. Our pupils are carefully selected. Once they have been accepted, they enjoy a continuous, uninterrupted course of studies from kindergarten through the 12th grade, and are educated according to the school’s vision:

“To be a leading and a pathfinding quality educational institution, which encourages its pupils to be worthy human beings- actively involved and impactful in the Israeli society“.

Since its founding in 1913, the “war of languages” of the time resulted in the decision to establish a Reali school with Hebrew as its teaching language. The school has then developed in light of major events in the Jewish community and in the country while serving as a pathfinding pioneer and compass in educational practice in Israel. Among the educational enterprises that were initiated at the Reali school during the following years,  and later adopted by the Ministry of Education, are the establishment of Scouts, the Gadna (The Israeli Youth Military Preparatory Program), “National Service”, “Personal Commitment”, “Annual Essay”, “Student Society”, citizenship and political science studies, Arabic studies and more.

Today, the school has about 4,300 students spread over four campuses and about 540 faculty members, about 80 of whom are graduates of the school. Each campus in the school has its own unique characteristic, under a comprehensive educational concept:

  • Hadar Campus – Sciences and Arts
  • Carmel Center Campus (Matos) – Science, Nature, and Environment
  • Ahuza Campus – Leadership and Technology
  • The Beit Biram Campus – the High-school division – offers over 50 combinations of professions
  • The Realigan Network – eight kindergartens located on the Beit Biram campus, in the Ahuza Campus, and at the Carmel Center Campus (Matos), led within a comprehensive pedagogical approach.

The School’s Mission:

The school will maintain its position as a leading institute in the realms of education, teaching and learning, and administration.
In all its activities, the school will focus on nurturing the school community: students, teachers and staff members, and on the development of each individual as an active member of society, while leaning on the school’s tradition and simultaneously forging innovative ways that will secure its future.

  • Fundamental values ​​of the school:
    The Hebrew Real School in Haifa is an independent-public educational institution whose students join by adaptation. Its educational programs, its pedagogical and social concepts, and its management practices are based upon the uniqueness of a 12-15 years educational continuum system. This also allows the school’s tradition and personal attention to a fertile field of a significant impact on its students.
    The school sees the students and their development as the center of its educational focus.
  • The school will encourage students to express their unique personalities and talents, in the best possible way.
  • The school will work for the involvement and active participation of students in the education and learning processes, based on assuming responsibility.
  • Teachers, students, and parents will engage in a dialogue based on mutual trust and respect.
  • The school will work to strengthen the interactions with the community, it will work and foster cooperation with it.
  • The school will nurture its teachers and educational staff while encouraging excellence, initiative, responsibility, team spirit, and identification with the school’s mission and spirit.
  • The school will work to achieve economic stability while improving infrastructure, and the means to secure its future.

In its approach, the school combines the foundations of its educational tradition with an openness to innovation, and has grounded its education and learning path on the following principles:

  • In the field of values, The school will strive to educate for a worldview that incorporates the following values:
    • Humanism, tolerance, and democracy.
    • Respecting the cultural and spiritual heritage of the Jewish people and strengthening the connection to it.
    • Identification with the goals of Zionism, cultivating knowledge of the land – deepening the sense of belonging to the State of Israel and loyalty to its laws.
    • Education for values ​​that affect the quality of students as human beings, their integration into society, and their contribution to it.
    • Education for aesthetic values.
    • Cultivating the values ​​associated with physical education.
  • In the field of intellectual education, the school will work so that its students – graduates will:
    • Possess the ability to think independently and creatively.
    • Have the ability to learn independently.
    • Qualified in research, analysis, and evaluation, including critical thinking skills.
    • Have eloquent expressiveness, linguistic richness, and precise wording.
      Those with a broad education in various fields of knowledge.
  • In the field of life skills, the school will strive to have its students:
    Self-aware and self-critical.

    • Have the ability to communicate and communicate positively with others.
    • Have the ability to deal with stressful situations.
      Ability to adhere to principles in the face of negative social pressures.
    • Have the ability to make decisions and direct their lives out of taking responsibility.
    • Have a willingness to influence events and be an active factor in society.
    • Have skills that allow you to deal with and create a changing world.

Our pupils and alumni:

Come from all parts of Haifa and the peripheries: from Nahariya in the north through Yokneam in the east till Zichron Yaacov in the south. The Reali is proudly multicultural and we have amongst others: Jews, Arabs, Christians, Druze, Baha’is, Circassians studying together.

We encourage the absorption of immigrants and each year we absorb new immigrants from the USA, Europe, Russia, and Ethiopia. Families that cannot afford the tuition are eligible for scholarships on the basis of socioeconomic background. Our pupils are educated on values such as the love of man-humanism, tolerance, generosity and contribution to society, and active patriotism.

The Reali has over 24 thousand alumnae who hold key positions in Israel’s diverse society, among them 42 Israel Prize laureates, four Chiefs of General Staff, three Supreme Court Justices, and many more that have excelled in science, arts, industry, communication, and academia. Seventy-four military decorations and medals were given to our graduates during the years. The former president of Israel, the late Ezer Weizman, also studied at the Reali.

Hundreds of our pupils-our future leaders- receive wide acclaim every year, in competitions and projects both local and international in a wide range of subjects. We are proud of them all. We feel the spirit of “the Reali family” – a cross-generational family, at the core of which are friendship and tools for life.

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